How much does Hair Weigh ᐈ Research of 2022

How much does hair weigh? Can it affect the numbers on the weighing scale? Is it so, that if you cut your hair, then the weighing machine will show some other figure?

Weight of the hair depends on the thickness and length. Human head have around 100000 to 120000 hair strands and each strand have 80-100 hairs. And, if each hair strand weighs around 3 to 5 ounces (60-100 grams), then the total weigh of the hairs can be estimated between 1 to 2 tons, which is too big. Even your weighing machine cannot handle this much weight. Theoretically, it is possible but in practical life it is far away from reality. Therefore, the question remains the same, how much does hair weigh?

Let’s find out some specific answer to it. 

To understand in better way, we discussed about hairs in detail.

How much does hair weigh

What is human hair?

Firstly let’s discuss about the hair anatomy which seems to be quite complicated, hair grows from hair follicles which is found between epidermis and dermis, made up of protein cells and this protein cells are called Keratin. Three phases of hair growth are:


This phase is considered as growing phase, in which hair grows at a very good pace.


In this phase hair growth gets reduced due to contraction of hair follicles and therefore it’s called transitional phase. 


In this phase hair rests and gets detached from its hair follicles because the old hairs are pushed out by the new hairs.

There is a superstition among people that hair is just a dead cell but it is a myth and our hair is made of protein. Now, let’s discuss about its weigh.

How much does hair weigh?

Now we come to our main question which is a little difficult to answer, how much our hair weighs, because the length and volume of hairs of each person is differs. 

Although, I do not think if we have full hair on our heads, they will be much heavier, if your weighing machine is showing more weight, it does not mean that it is the weight of your hairs. 

A lot of online sources show that if you have full and long hairs on your head, it weighs about 25 grams to 65 grams which is equal to around 1 or 2 ounces and can go up to 5 pounds. But it is difficult to believe that the weight of your hair is equal to the weight of 100 roses.

If your hair is wet, how much it weigh?

So we can estimate the weight of our dry hair, but when you come out after taking a shower or you get wet in the rain, then water gets accumulated in your hair which can increase the weight of your hairs. 

So let’ know about that… 

It is difficult to estimate how much water will increase the weight of your hair, but if your hair is thick and long, then water can increase their weight by a few pounds, and few ounces can increase for short or medium hair.

Want to increase your hair weight?

It is needless to say, that you can increase the thickness of your hair, but it will take some time, nothing is possible overnight. Many skin care industries are working on products that will make your work easier. Without the right hair treatment, we cannot increase the quality of our hair. That is why some products have to be brought into our hair care methods, so that our hairs, root and scalp are protected. For that, follow these methods and ingredients:

Apply oil to your hair

The most accurate way to increase hair strength is to massage hair with oil, for that you can apply coconut, sesame or olive oil to your hair? If you make a mixture of these oils, it will be more beneficial.

First of all make a mixture of these oils, then heat it in a low flame and then massage it on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. And leave it for overnight. And in the morning wash your hair with a good shampoo, do this process two to three times a week to get good results.

Increase protein in your diet

Do you know that our hair follicles contain protein which is known as Keratin, And if you do not take the right amount of protein in your every day diet then it can have a bad effect on your hair. 

You can eat these things to increase your hair strength like meat, nuts, berries, avocado, fish, eggs, soyabeans and all. 

Always ensure that you go for a shampoo or a conditioner which has ingredients supporting volumizing of hair like vitamin B5, biotin or rich protein, these volumizing shampoo and conditioner will not only provide the volume but also the requisite strength to your hair.

Interesting facts about hairs

Want to know some interesting facts about hair? 

Have you heard of Disney’s Rapunzel? Iits animators believed that her hair length was around 75 feet (30 m), whose weight will be around 6 kg or 12 pounds. 

Not only this, China’s Xie Quipping has achieved the record of having the longest hair in the world, of about 5 to 6 meters. 

Have you ever seen people on TV pulling cars with their hair? Do you think you too can pull cars with your hair? People can do it definitely. 

As discussed, hair contains keratine which is a quite powerful substance and it is also found in the claws of animals. And if the right technique is used, then our entire head hair can lift a weight of about 12000 to 18000 lbs without breaking.

Final Thought

Hope so… all your answers regarding the question how much does hair weigh? Have been answered in this article. And if you feel that your hair weight is less than average, then you can invest in good hair products that will strengthen your hair and give the required volume and weight. It was helpful wasn’t it?

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