How to Keep Car Warm Overnight ᐈ Best ways in 2022

We find it very difficult to go to work during winter. And mostly this is because we have to face a lot of difficulty in starting our car and sometimes we have to fight with such seats which cools our spine. But we can avoid it if we keep our car warm overnight.

How to Keep Car Warm Overnight

Importance of keeping car warm overnight

It is common for the car to take longer to start in winters. Let’s know about it in detail..
When the engine of the car starts, the engine sends oil to every part of the car to lubricate the movable parts. In winter, the temperature is very low, due to which the engine is not able to pump oil properly because there is a lot of depositions in the oil. After the engine of the car is hardened, all the power to start the car comes on the battery. After that more current from battery is required. But in the cold, the chemical process of the battery is completely over, due to which the battery does not produce as much current as is needed.
This current demand may be attributed to poor battery connection, due to which the battery will never be fully charged. And because of this, you have to ignite the car two to three times in the morning to start.
It has been assumed that starting the car with a cold engine reduces the life of the car’s engine. The car should always be started with a warm engine and battery. And for this reason we should keep our car warm overnight.

Some of the tips to keep your car warm overnight

  • Engine block heater
  • Using insulated and heated garage
  • Using electric blanket for engine
  • Using dipstick heater
  • Oil pan heater
In this article, you will learn about how to use these tips. If you use these methods, your car’s fluids will remain warm which will increase the life of your engine and battery and will give you a pleasant feeling every morning and you will never face any difficulty in going to work.

Engine block heater

This engine heater is widely used across the world. In the beginning the engine block heater heats the coolants, which then brings heat to the complete engine. In many cars, the engine block heaters are installed at the time of manufacturing and if not, then you can get it install later.

Using insulated and heated garage

Keeping the car open overnight, affects from cold temperature. And if you keep the car in the garage, then it is the most accurate way to keep your car warm. If the garage is not insulated, it will keep the car warmer than keeping it outside.
Keeping the car in the garage will also keep your engine fluids warm. Just like who you keep your house warm, you can also heat up your garage. You do not have to maintain your garage temperature too much. This temperature is sufficient enough that your battery and engine fluids do not get freeze.

Using electric blanket for engine

The engine blanket is kept on top of the engine which carries heat to the battery and engine fluids. After putting the blanket over the engine, it is connected to a socket and then left for a few hours. When you start the engine, remove the blanket before it.

Using dipstick heater

Dipstick heater is a device that is very easy to use and also very inexpensive. The way to use it is to replace your engine oil dipstick with the dipstick heater which will keep your car’s fluids warm and this warm fluid will help while igniting your car. Always remember to put your engine oil dipstick back in place before starting your car.

Oil pan heater

Oil pan heater contains an element that is planted under oil pan which keeps engine oil heated. And these warm engine oils run in your engine which also prevents the engine parts from friction.
These methods will be very effective if you always change the battery of your car on time and use light synthetic oil for our engine. Some methods may take time, but in all ways you will get warm oil for your engine which will always provide smoothness while starting your car.


Cool battery and engine gives hard times to car while starting and reduces life of engine. However many people think that it is enough to keep the car running for a few minutes before driving, but it increases carbon emission. It is also important to keep your car warm overnight because this gives warm oil to the car engine and battery works properly. As a result, you will have no difficulty in igniting your car.
Heating 3 to 4 hours before igniting your car will be enough and heat the car when the temperature around you is below -10 ° C. And, you can use any of the above methods to heat the car, according to your convenience.

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