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How long are olives good in the fridge? Olives remains good for almost 2 years if they are not opened and stored in fridge. And, if the opened are stored in fridge adding brine or oil, then it may last to 1 year without going bad. 

Olives originates from Mediterranean area, which comes in fruit family. Olives are mostly used for cooking purposes and it tastes bitter, due to which it is considered as vegetable. California is the major producer of olives in US region. 

Please read this full article to get the ideas of storage, shelf life, going bad and benefits of olives.

How Long Are Olives Good In The Fridge

How To Store Olives In Fridge

After getting olives from market, if unopened can stay fresh for longer time, either stored in fridge or pantry. After opened, olives should be stored in fridge submerged in brine or oil in a airtight jar or plastic bottle. 

Exposure to heat and light may affect the taste of olive, therefore it must be placed in cool and dark. Olives are to be preserved in brine or oil. Moreover, in an airtight jar or bottle, olives and brine should be placed and kept in fridge. And, if you don’t have access to brine, it can be prepared at home by just adding salt to water. But, this homemade brine is not very much effective and olives should not be placed in them for more than two weeks. 

In case of preserving olives in oil, similarly olives and oil should be placed in airtight jar or bottle, and then refrigerated for better results.

Can Olives Go Bad

Yes of course, olives can go bad. Initially, if there is mold formation in the olive or its brine, it means that it is on the verge of getting bad. If mold forms on brine, you can remove it and use olive. Filter the olives before consuming them and discard the spoiled ones for better health of yours. 

First of all take the jar in which you have placed the olive and make sure that there is no odour in it . And if there is any kind of foul smell in it, and then discard it immediately. Check the taste and texture of the olive in the last step. For this, examine the taste of olives and discard them immediately if the taste and texture is not right. If both the texture and the taste are perfect, then it is absolutely safe to consume those olives.

Health Benefits Of Olives

Olive has several health benefits related to heart and provides shield to various cancer. Let’s discuss these benefits. Olives are rich in dietary antioxidants which decrease the risk cancer and heart related diseases. Apart from this, olives are also contains oleic acid which is fatty acid, reduces oxidation of bad cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure which eliminates the chances of any heart disease. 

As compared to US areas, Mediterranean countries have low numbers of patients of cancer or any other chronic diseases as consumption of olives is high in these regions. Many research shows, cancer causing cells get damaged by the compounds of olives which include oleic acid and many other antioxidants.

Study also reveals that the olives provide strength to bones and reduces risk of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bone quality and mass gets disrupted. As European countries have much more cases of Osteoporosis as compared to Middle East or Mediterranean areas. However, olives are high in salt and fat, eating olives in high numbers and dent success of weight loss. Therefore, intake of olives should be moderated to few grams per day.

Bottom Line

While the olives can last long if fermented correctly in brine or oil and refrigerated properly in a airtight container. Contrary to it, olives have the tendency to go bad and steps of identifying the taste and texture of stored olives has been discussed. Olives are palatable fruit which increases the sapidity of meals. Apart from taste, olives can also be incorporated with some great health benefits, such as prevention of cancer and enhancing the heath of heart due to the richness of antioxidants, fatty acids and healthy fats.

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