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Baby turtle cannot survive for long if they are not provided with the necessary food in which protein is most needed. When turtles go for hibernation, which is also called brumation, their physical activity declines a lot and it occurs in the cold part of the year. If a turtle gets the right amount of water and sun rays, it can live for about 6 months.

How long can baby turtles go without eating?

How many days can baby turtle survive without food?

Although turtle babies are in their growing stage, they do not have hibernation abilities, due to which they require a lot of protein in their foods. But there are many stories of the turtle in which even after not getting suitable food, they have survived for years. 

Once a turtle was misprised under a pile of laundry and was not found for several. But after a few months when the turtle was found, it appeared very bleak but it managed to survive without food for so many months. 

On the other hand, there is a story that once a turtle was locked under the foundation of the house during the renovation and 2 years passed when it was found back. 

Just as food and water are necessary for humans to complete the regular processes of body, in the same way it is also needed for the turtles, otherwise the turtles will live for at least a few months without it. It is very important to feed most turtle babies, few times a week with availability of pure source of water.

How many days can baby turtle survive without water?

Although turtle babies can manage without food and live longer, it is very difficult to do so without water. Turtle is an aquatic creature that likes to live in water most of the time, but a turtle can live for a couple of days depending on temperature and humidity without water.

Variables on which survival of baby turtles depend without eating

How many days can baby turtle survive without food, depends upon few factors as all the turtles are not same but may have some common aspects.

Age of baby turtle

The age of the turtle is a very important factor to ensure that the turtle can live for how long without eating. If there is an adult turtle that is fed well throughout the year, it can live for a few months without eating. On the other hand, if we talk about the baby of the turtle, then it is necessary to keep feeding it continuously; otherwise it will be very difficult for them to survive for long.

Approach to pure water

Baby turtle can survive for some time without eating, but it is very difficult to survive without clean water. Because turtles use water to swim, drink and digest food. Moreover, clean water is a very important factor in determining the life of a baby turtle. This means that if your turtle cannot find food and has access to clean and filtered water, has a good basking area to dry its shell, then your turtle can survive for many months without eating.

Environmental Temperature

Turtles rely on their surrounding temperature to keep their body temperature under control. In order to attain a optimum body temperature, baby turtles utilizes heat sources from surrounding. And the turtles reside in such places, where there is a lot of fluctuation in temperature.

Complete health of baby turtle

Contrary to that, it is not appropriate to leave the baby turtle without eating it for a long time. It is very important to give the turtle the right food in the first few years for them to grow. 

Holistic health is a very important criterion of a turtle baby. If your turtle is in a bad health state, do not leave it alone. If this not possible, then assign someone to look after the health of baby turtle in order to keep them safe.


So you have seen that turtle babies can live for a few days without eating, but this does not mean that there will be no effect on their health without food. Especially when your turtle is acquainted to eating and is on the verge of growing. You must pay constant attention to your baby turtle and if you are going out on vacation or somewhere else, then make sure there is someone to look after it. 

I hope this article was helpful for you to find out, how long can baby turtles go without eating?

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