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There are two types of coconut oil, either it is solid or it will be in liquid form. There can be many reasons in which you have to use coconut oil in liquid form. And once you know how to keep coconut oil liquified , then it will be even easier to do wonders. 

There are many ways to keep coconut oil liquefied. For example, maintain the temperature of coconut oil more than room temperature or using olive oil. 

In this article, you will learn how you can keep your coconut oil liquefied or solid for treatment of hair.

How to keep coconut oil liquefied

How to keep coconut oil liquefied

If you have real coconut oil, there are many ways to liquefy it. Many people know that as you heat coconut oil lightly, it becomes liquid and as it cools it becomes solid. So, first of all ensure that you keep your coconut oil warmer. 

But it is not possible to keep coconut oil warm continuously, that is why the alternative is not so right. The best alternative would be adding a lukewarm and high quality olive oil to your coconut oil. And if you want to keep your coconut oil liquid for some time, for that you put your oil can in a pan of hot water and you will see that your oil will start melting slowly. And as soon as it melts, use it quickly and you can always repeat this process. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never use a microwave oven to liquefy coconut oil.

How to keep coconut oil liquefied in winter

In the winter season you will struggle a lot in keeping your coconut oil liquefied because the oil becomes solid due to the low temperature in the cold season. But if you choose the right process, then you will not have to face much difficulties. 

To keep coconut oil liquid in winter, you can add vitamin E to it or you can put your coconut oil can in a place where there is good amount of sunlight.

Melting of coconut oil

We have learned about keeping coconut oil liquid, now many people are also like this, do not want to liquedify coconut oil and want to use it solidly. 

Coconut oil is very easy to keep from melting. All you have to do is keeping it cold. But it is very easy to keep the oil cool, you just have to freeze it or keep it in a place that is cold. 

There are a lot of myths about coconut oil due to which questions arise in the minds of people. Some people believe that coconut oil should be used in liquid form and some believe in using solidified. Now whether you use oil in solid form or in liquid form, you will get the same benefits. The only difference between the two forms is that you will be able to apply the liquid form more easily. 

What type of oil you have to use at the end of the day depends on your preferences, melted oil is easy to use for hair treatment or solid oil is easy to handle. You will get same types of benefits in both the forms.

Does coconut oil doesn’t solidifies, once melted? Many people throw away the coconut oil, realising that it is outdated and will not get solidified again. It is not at all, the quality of the oil and its benefits remains same even though it is old. 

At last, there is just one difference between the two forms, during summer you will have coconut oil in liquid form and in winter, it remains in solid form.

Final thoughts

If you buy pure coconut oil it will never go bad, And if your coconut oil has adulteration of any ingredients, then the chances of it getting spoiled increases. Most coconut oil is found in its purest form which you can be used for time without going bad. 

Some people like to keep the oil in solid form, for which they can keep coconut oil as cold as possible and adding a small amount of olive oil will turn it into liquid form. For cooking, there will be no difference in benefits in both the forms.

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