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How Long Does Cabbage Last

Cabbage, one of the popular cruciferous vegetable around the world which lasts for longer than any other vegetable. Cabbage is found in different colours such as green or purple. Eventually, Cabbage features in various appetising recipes and meals. Cabbage’s shelf life relies on the storage techniques and date of picking as well as purchase. 

How long does cabbage last? Answering this question precisely is not possible to some extent. Depending on storage technique, a cabbage can last for 12 months. In detail, Raw picked cabbage stored in a fridge can last for 2 to 3 months. If the same cabbage is stored in freezer, then it can last for around 11 to 12 months. On the other, cabbage which is cooked and stored fridge can have shelf life of 3 to 4 days. 

Several cooking and storing techniques can enhance the shelf life of cabbage without losing any of its nutrients. While cooking, it should ensure to avoid extended cooking because of which essential vitamins can get damaged.

How long does cabbage last – Different storage Conditions


How long does cabbage last in counter? On counter, raw cabbage will not last for more than 3 days. As cabbage contains good amount of water, therefore place them at some dry and cool surface where there is no exposure to sunlight. Otherwise, if the cabbage has been made into halves, then it should be consumed within 2 days as it will not last longer. 


Storing cabbages in fridge or refrigerator can increase the shelf life to great extent. Perhaps, this method works for both raw and cut cabbages. For refrigerating cabbages, following steps should be followed. Initially, wash them rigorously, then place them in air tight container which have enough space to accommodate the cabbage. Before, placing it in air tight, don’t remove the outer leaves as it acts as a shield for outer environment. By the use of this technique, shelf life of cabbages can be increased up to 3 months. 


Freezing cabbages can enhance the shelf life by employing the proper techniques. Although, for freezing cabbages, initial step remains the same as above procedure. Wash rigorously ensuring any insects or dirt removed. In this case, detach all the outer leaves and dry them using towel to remove moisture from outer surface. Now depending on the air tight container, cut them or place the entire cabbage into container if it is feasible and keep in mind to squeeze out all the water content from the container. In place of container, bags can be used as substitute by eliminating the air content inside it.

How to check if cabbages have gone bad 

Preserving cabbages is good but prior to that, thorough inspection is necessary to check any possibility of cabbage getting spoiled in future. Some common signs which indicates cabbages have gone bad such as colourful patches or discolouration which may have resulted from inappropriate handling and transportation. Sometimes, tiny holes appears on the leaves due to exposure to insects. 

Aside to these signs, odour can also indicate the condition of cabbages like rotting or decaying smell are not a good signs of a good cabbages. Although, in place of consuming them, they must be dumped into the garbage. 

Uses of Cabbage 

However, there are endless uses of cabbage such as coleslaw which is form of salad. Apart from this, cabbages are used in different recipes like stews and sautéed. Many fitness devotees prefer cabbage juice which very much beneficial for digestion related diseases. 


Hopefully, you have learned about various methods of preserving cabbages for a long time and keeping them safe to eat. Now it can ensured all queries have answered regarding how long does cabbage last? And, I am sure you will implement the above steps to keep the shelf life of cabbage longer. I urge you to follow the steps sincerely and don’t forget to share your experience.

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