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How Much An Avocado Weigh

How Much An Avocado Weigh

Apart from health benefits, avocados is very much tastier. In some part of the world, they are even considered as the healthiest fruit as it provides 20 types vitamins in a single serving. Avocados originated from Central America and currently, United States is the major producer of avocados.
Avocado’s average weight can vary from 0.200 to 1.5 kgs or 8 to 46 ounces. This is just an assumption because weight and size of avocado changes around the world due different factors. In United States, Hass is the prominent variety which weighs around 0.180 kgs or 7 ounces.

Different Factors Affecting Avocado Weight

Both natural and human influences the weight of avocados. Such as..

Natural Factors

It involves factors like soil nature along with genetics. Mainly, health of any plant depends on the nature of the soil on which it is grown. Around the world, there are various type of soil whose nutrients content are different. Therefore, it is very much important to grow an avocado on a good soil in order to get a good result in terms of size and weight. Another thing to be kept in mind while cultivating avocados, is the moisture or water content of the soil. That means, avocados grown in the soil with less moisture content cannot give satisfactory fruit. On the other hand, genetics control the look or appearance of an avocado. However, genetics determines traits of any fruit such as size and colour. So, it is very much possible, genetics can affect the the weight of the avocado.

Human Factors

Eventually, humans have damaged the nature in many ways but at the same time have done wonders to the environment. In terms of growing avocados, various human activities like fertilizing the soil, removing excess water from soil and liming the grown plant area can yield a good quality of avocados. 
These factors give a clear idea, that an avocado can vary in its weight to a great extent. However, weighing less do not makes an avocado poor in quality.

Avocado Weighing Techniques

There might be several reasons to weigh avocados, either for diet or research purpose. In order to get a good result some points should be noted. As described earlier, different factors affect the weigh of avocados, so it is not necessary that you will get the weights of all the avocados similar. 
While weighing avocados, two techniques can be followed. Firstly, if the quantity is less, weighing avocados one by one will be more preferred. Otherwise, in case of weighing larger number of avocados, take a small section of avocados and weigh them.

Benefits of Avocado

As there are enormous benefits of avocados due to its high nutrients content. Avocados consists of various vitamins such as Vitamin K and Vitamin B5. Also, contains essential minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium along with fibres which eases overall digestion process and regulates the blood sugar levels. Minerals like potassium neutralize sodium present in the salt which lowers the blood pressure. Protein content of avocados are higher the any other fruits which is around 5 grams. 
It also reduces the risk of any heart diseases as it is rich in mono saturated fats which lowers down the cholesterol bad level and increases good cholesterol concurrently. 
Antioxidant content of avocados enhances the immunity system which helps to overcome different types of cancers and deadly diseases. Avocados can be consumed for nurturing of skin to keep them nourished. 
Apart from benefits, some risks are also involved if consumed too much, which may result in increased weight of body as it contains good amount of fats.

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