How Much Does An Egg Weigh In Grams – 2022

Weigh of eggs depends on various factors such as age of the hen, size of the egg, country origin and so on. According to the standard set by USDA, weigh of an egg may vary from 1.7 to 2.4 ounces or 50 to 70 grams. Here chicken eggs have been considered for which USDA has laid down standard for their grade and weight. Weights of eggs has been categorised as extra-large with weight of around 64 grams or 2.2 ounces, large one weighs around 58 grams or 2 ounces, medium have a weight of 50 grams or 1.76 ounces and 43 grams or 1.6 ounces for small sized.

How Much Does An Egg Weigh In Grams

Eggs are very economical and can be prepared in very simple ways which acts a great ingredient for many recipes. Those people who like to cook more will agree with me that, egg is an item one will always want to use for cooling or baking. 

An egg comprise of albumen which a thick white layer which contributes to 70% of egg’s weight and the remaining 30% of the total weight of the egg is carried by the yellow yolk. Albumen combines around 90% water and 10% of protein whereas yolk contains 45% of water, 35% of fats and 20% of protein. However, protein of albumen solidifies at 70◦C or 160 ◦F and the protein of yolk solidifies at 80◦C or 175 ◦F. 

USDA has also founded grading system of eggs on the basis of albumen and yolk qualities, which is stated as A, AA and B. Therefore, now let’s jump into more detailed information regarding to the weighs of egg.

Weight Difference between Boiled Egg and Raw Egg

People, who monitor their diet, often enquire but these questions are very simple to answer. This is
to be kept in mind; there is no change in the weight of egg after being cooked. Contrary to it, if eggs
are consumed raw, boiled or cooked weight remains unchanged, if the weight of the shell is

Benefits of Eggs

Eggs provide vital vitamin B to the body which is essential for growth of muscles by increasing the energy level of body. Egg’s albumen or egg white consists of calcium at the same yolks are rich in fats and calories whereas as the shell is a good source of calcium. 

Eggs also reduce the risk of heart diseases and enhance the immune system. However, protein present in eggs can help in muscle building by increasing the stamina which in turn may also be beneficial for weight loss and the vitamin content of egg prevents from various skin disorders. 

Another nutrient which is hardly available in any food item is found in eggs that are Chlorine, which helps in development of brain. Including at least one egg in breakfast can reduce the decrease the calorie intake of the body.

Ways to Consume Eggs

Consuming in raw form may lead to failure in imbibitions by the body whereas in boil form, the calories intake may increase. Therefore, it is recommended to half boil the eggs for eating, in which the protein of the egg white will be absorbed completely whereas the yolk should be consumed in liquid form which diminishes the possibility of any heart disease.


Although, it is quite easy to cook the eggs, but it can be a little difficult to know its exact weight at times. But for health reasons, it is more crucial to know the weight of the protein inside the egg. Weights of different grades of eggs have been discussed along with the benefits. Now, you can decide whether weight of eggs is essential or the nutrients content?

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