Powerball Winning Numbers for Sept. 19, 2022

Powerball Winning Numbers

Are you lucky today?

Find below Powerball winning numbers for Monday, Sept. 19, 2022 drawings:


Powerball: 7

Powerplay: 2X

Worth of the jackpot for the drawings was estimated $ 251 million and cash option of $ 135.2 million. Powerball jackpot was last won by a Middlebury player in June, who won an amount of $366.7 million. A new law has been signed by Gov. Phil Murphy to keep the winners for lottery anonymous.

How to play Powerball?

Powerball drawings are conducted three times in a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 p.m. Powerball ticket costs $1 each and Power Play can also be added which costs $1 each. However, adding a Power Play will increase the probable prize till five times of initial prize, except the match 5 and jackpot. If the jackpot is below $150 million then the Power Play possibility goes up to 10X. After buying tickets for white balls, players choose five numbers from 1 to 69 and for red ball, one number from 1 to 26.

Prizes vary from $4 to $1 million depending upon the matching of all six balls. After each drawings, payouts can be checked on the official website of Powerball. Non-residents of U.S. can also buy the tickets and play the jackpot.

From where i can buy the tickets?

Powerball lottery tickets are sold by many gas stations, convenience stores and grocery shops. Many U.S. states allow only online purchase of tickets. More details can be collected from state lottery and beware of scam sites.

In which states I can play Powerball?

Powerball jackpot can be played in 45 states, also in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC.

What is my chances of winning Powerball?

Chances of winning the Powerball jackpot is very thin, if we talk in numbers, then 293,202,339 in 1. At the same time, chances of matching all the five white balls in numbers are 12,100,060 in 1. However, playing Powerball jackpot is thrilling, but you may end up in spending a lot before winning the jackpot.

What does cash option mean in Powerball Jackpot?

Cash option is a form of payout in the lottery system of United States.All the lotteries which are held in U.S., offers two types of payout:

Annuity: In this payout system, an immediate payment is paid to the winner and rest 29 payments are paid annually with an increment of 5% every year.

Cash Option: A lump sum amount is paid in a one go which is lower than the advertised jackpot.

Top 10 jackpots won in Powerball

  1. January 13, 2016: $1.586 billion, won by three winners in Florida, California and Tennessee
  2. March 27, 2019: $768.40 million, in Wisconsin
  3. August 23, 2017: $758.70 million, in Massachusetts
  4. January 20, 2021: $730 million, in Maryland
  5. October 4, 2021: $699.80 million, in California
  6. October 27, 2018: $687.80 million, won by two winners in New York and Iowa
  7. January 5, 2022: $632.60 million, won by two winners in Wisconsin and California
  8. May 18, 2013: $590.50 million, in Florida
  9. November 28, 2012: $587.50 million, won by two winners in Missouri and Arizona
  10. February 11, 2015: $564.10 million, won by three winners in Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Texas

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