8 Best Hot Dogs in United States

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1. The Dog House situated in Pensacola has Rubble Rage which focuses mainly on sausages

2. Ruiz Hot Dogs in Tucson serves Sonoran Hot Dog in which hot dog is wrapped in bacon with toppings like tomatoes, mayo, beans.

3. Brooklyn's Mile End Deli has its own kind of hot dog named, Hoyt Dog which are cooked in hot water with toppings like sweet onion and sauerkraut

4. A food cart in Austin named as DittyDog and their specialized hot dog is called Ditty Dog in which sausages are main ingredient

5. Snappy Dog of Dat Dog is also popular present in New Orleans . Snappy Dog comes with a layer guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo and much more

6. Sooo Cali hot dog which is a feature of restaurant Dog Haus in Los Angeles. They have mainly beef hot dogs which are free from antibiotics and hormones

7. Hot Dog Pete's restaurant of Atlanta serves Slaw Dog which offers various base such as chicken, bratwurst, cheddar wurst, apple sausage and much more

8. Detroit's Vinsetta Garage has The 3 A.M. Dog served with sriracha mayo, bacon jam, fried onions, chives along with a molten yolk 

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